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Publish Date: 12:26 - 12 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Hashemi says Iran and Saudi Arabia are the two decisive players to resolve Islamic sectarian conflicts.

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who was speaking at a meeting with the Pakistan Prime Minister said "Anytime conflict between the Shiite and Sunni grows deep and sensitive, Iran and Saudi Arabia can work toward strengthening ties as two sources of reference for Islamic countries.”

In the meeting which was held following a request for immediate contact by Nawaz Sharif, the Head of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council pointed to problems existing in Afghanistan due to the Taliban and said "Although the political perspective of Afghanistan is obscure, it is a duty on Iran and Pakistan not to let civil war victimize the poor people of Afghanistan once more.”

Providing comments on Iran’s relations with Arab countries, Hashemi praised the status of Iran and Saudi Arabia among Islamic countries and said "The two countries’ cooperation record grew bright during the extraordinary Islamic conference of Pakistan. Whenever Shiite-Sunni conflict grew worrisome, Iran and Saudi Arabia can take steps as two prominent Islamic countries to strengthen ties.”

Rafsanjani further stated "Terrorists and extremists are a plague for Islamic countries. The wise Muslims have to remove cancer tumors from the Islamic body in order to prevent insecurity and boost cooperation within the Islamic world.”

Speaking on behalf of himself and the Islamic republic of Iran, Hashemi expressed readiness to cope with problems existing in the Islamic world and added "The officials and elite of other countries as well have to fight disintegrating actions through sound plans.”

In his turn, Nawaz Sharif said "The Islamic world expects Mr. Hashemi to take steps to reduce conflicts. Everybody is aware of the friendship and the role of King Abdullah and you.”

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