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Publish Date: 15:54 - 11 February 2013
TEHRAN Feb 11 - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his speech on Monday at the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution said the West need to lay down their arms before negotiations could be held.

Speaking before demonstrators at the nation's annual solidarity show on February 10, the day of the Islamic Revolution victory over the Shah, Ahmadinejad said "The huge movement of the Iranian nation is not a common one. The Islamic Revolution is not a mere political act, a shift of power and figures, or the victory of a party, stratum, or tribe."

"The Islamic Revolution was a big human step toward basic reformations in individual and plural thought and act, and it was lead by a heavenly man," he added.

Ahmadinejad pointed out the achievements of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and said "The Revolution stands for the revival of the independence and esteem of the Iranian nation and all other nations."

He believed that today those with most enmity toward Iran confess the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran along with its nation is one of the most independent ones and that no one can exert themselves on it.

"Today enemies of the Islamic Revolution use any kind of pressure to stop the development trend in Iran, but they cannot succeed in their vile scheme," he further said.

Ahmadinejad added that "Western authorities have lately altered their mode of talk regarding the nuclear program and they tend to speak in a more proper language. They say they want to talk. We also say that negotiation is much better than scuffle. The Iranian nation has always cared for mutual understanding, but negotiation requires certain rules and, as the Supreme Leader has said, you can not point arms at the Iranian nation and tell them to set for negotiation."

"I dare say that changing language and expression is necessary, but not enough. If you lay down your weapons I personally will negotiate. Negotiation must not be held under pressure, but under respect and equality," the President stated.

Providing comments on the pressure from the enemy Ahmadinejad said "Due to the pressures the Iranian are having a hard time. Therefore authorities are working day and night to eliminate problems."

Ahmadinejad concluded his speech with three "Long live the spring"s.

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