Tehran, YJC. Iranian filmmaker discusses concerns over the war cinema.
Tehran, YJC. A delegation of Iranian tradesmen and a number of European economy advisors met in Tehran on Monday.
Iranian police says it is ready for international cooperation
TEHRAN, YJC. An Iranian police official has announced the Iranian police's interest in expanding cooperation worldwide.
Iran hosting second media confab
TEHRAN, YJC. The second edition of Iran’s International New Horizon Independent Conference started its programs in the capital city of Tehran, Press TV has reported.
War movies should not invite world to war
Tehran, YJC. Iranian filmmaker discusses concerns over the war cinema.
Iran, UK hard feelings not to go away with meetings
Tehran, YJC. Cleric says Cameron’s recent statements against Iran have hardened the path to friendship.
Iran press review
Tehran, YJC. Headlines of the most important news stories in Iran’s journals today.
Shamkhani-Nasrallah talks, Iran to present gift to Lebanese army
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Secretary of Supreme Security Council and Hezbollah Secretary General met in Beirut this week.
Iraqi army frees villages west of Kirkuk
Tehran, YJC. Latest reports go that Iraqi forces have freed 4 villages to the south of Kirkuk.
Iranian parliament says to block governmental ties with UK
Tehran, YJC. British Prime Minister David Cameron’s anti-Iran comments at the UN General Assembly have prompted the Majlis to disallow a rise in the level of diplomatic ties between Tehran and London.
Europeans cuing up to expand economic ties with Iran
TEHRAN, YJC. European countries as well as some US companies are ‘in queue’ to expand trade with Iran.
Iran says to arm Lebanon against terror threats
Tehran, YJC. Iranian official says the Islamic Republic will soon supply the Lebanese army with necessary military equipment to help the nation deal with the threats it is facing.
Hajj pilgrims denounce IS 'virus' but doubt US-led war
MECCA, Saudi Arabia, Sept 30, 2014 (AFP) - As they gather in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca for the annual hajj, some pilgrims have denounced atrocities by Islamic State group jihadists as "a virus" threatening the world.
ISIL selling female detainees
Tehran, YJC. Sources report that the terrorist group ISIL sells its female prisoners for $140 each.