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Publish Date: 10:10 - 01 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Rezaei says that he has a plan for talks with the US to parts of which the Supreme Leader has agreed.

Speaking in a talk show on channel 2 of the national TV, Rezaei said "I have a plan for the US with parts of which the Leader has agreed. We can negotiate with the US on the nuclear issue besides the Six Powers negotiations. The Leader has given the permission, although he has said that he is not optimistic about it”

"I have to ask permission from the Leader on two other issues. One is environment and the dust created over Jordan, Iraq, Arabia, and Iran, on which we must talk with the US; and the other is the issue of narcotic drugs, on which we will initiate talks with the US within a framework approved by the Leader. But that does not mean we will back down on challenges,” he added.

Providing comments on his agenda on Israel, he asserted "I am steadfast on the issue of Israel. The US must agree to our plan and the Palestinian must get back to their land. Intervention with other countries and nuclear disarmament are other issues which we stress. Those three issues are different from reaching complete agreement with the US, but it is much better if we make a careful move.”

Rezaei stated that another plan he has written down is integrity with Arab countries, where Israel will be left as the only enemy.

He asserted "We will enrich the government and set up production in all cities. We will use the one million barrels extra oil we have now, and which they wont let us sell, in refineries to produce petrochemical substances where $150 billion will be made. I would like to see if the US can stop our people who climb mountains at borders and take over whatever they want.”

"Using an efficient economy we must prove to the US that sanctions are currently ineffective. They must understand this, or else they wont give the country the minutest advantage,’ Rezaei asserted.

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