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Publish Date: 12:35 - 27 August 2017
A news-analysis website pointing out to the Saudi Arabia’s anger of Qatar’s closed ties with Iran and wrote that the boycotters of Qatar made mistake in their calculations.

writing an assay about Qatar’s decision to resume its own relations with Iran, Middle East Eye website reported the Saudi’s anger toward this decision of Qatar.

Saudi Arabia leads a coalition of Bahrain, Egypt, and AUE to impose sanctions upon Qatar, and warns that as long as Qatar dose not fulfill their terms, the sanctions will not be lifted. Yet, the boycotting countries calculations failed, for Qatar did not gave up to their demands.

According to the website analysis, what the Saudis knew as point of strength is rapidly getting weak, for the US President Donald Trump had condemned Qatar in his early speeches, but the US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, and the US Defense Minister James Mattis announced their support of Qatar as the US ally.

Qatar also took advantage of Iran and Turkey’s support to resist the Saudi-led coalition.

Saudi Arabia was hopeful its sanctions influenced Kuwait and Oman in order to take them away from Iran but its hope was note realized just like its other efforts to isolate Iran in the region, which failed.

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