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Publish Date: 12:48 - 08 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Analyst says that Jalili is a follower of an extremist foreign policy much like Taliban’s.

Two analysts, one advocating candidate Hassan Rohani and the other Said Jalili debated their viewpoints in a talk show on the national TV. In these debates Ali Baqeri represented Said Jalili and Mahmoud Vaezi represented Hassan Rohani.

Baqeri first pointed to Hassan Rohani’s statements that instead of negotiating things with the EU, Iran would better hammer things out with the US as sheriff and said "Once we admit that there is a sheriff, we expect them to give us our share, so we would no longer try to gain our right. Cooperations with Western and European countries were conducted within this framework at that time, where different negotiations were held in Tehran, Brussels, and Paris. The end result of such cooperative trend was the fact that we accepted and gave them all they demanded.”

Baqeri asserted that instead of following the international community, the country needs to work towards the gratification of its rights individually.

In return, Vaezi said that the country must not pursue its share, but its right in the international system. He added "Here it is clear that Mr. Jalili’s outlook is an extension of Ahmadinejad’s. This sort of foreign policy is a contestant category that is at loggerheads with everyone. Such foreign policy will surely fail to uphold our national interests and security. We adopted an extremist approach and quarreled with different countries, and that reminds us of Taliban’s policy. When it rose to power, Taliban adopted the same approach. It is even likely that they are somehow guided by Taliban. This is a defective policy.”

He also criticized the Ahmadinejad administration’s foreign policy regarding its outlook toward Israel and said "Mentioning the Holocaust makes Israel appear mistreated. That was the foreign policy which bought us economic sanctions, 5 UN resolutions, and two statements.”

Rohani’s advocate said that the form of foreign policy introduced by Ahmadinejad and likely to be followed by Jalili will inflict the most severe economic damages upon the country. He said "As long as this policy prevails, neither the nuclear issue nor the country’s economic problems will be solved.”

Vaezi asserted "What is important to us in nuclear negotiations is the outcome. Diplomacy will not progress with mottos, it is rather result-bound. Mr. Jalili has supported Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy during his 8 years of presidency. Mr. Jalili’s duty in the Security Committee is to coordinate political, economic, and social issues. A large part of the existing problems must be answered by the Security Committee.”

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