Country’s economy needs resistant model not Argentina or Turkey’s

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Publish Date: 13:40 - 09 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Baqeri Lankarani has said that what will ensure the Revolution’s future is a resistant model of economy not one like Turkey or Argentina’s.

Kamran Baqeri Lankarani who previously resigned from candidacy in favor of Said Jalili, said in a meeting with Jalili’s Youth Staff "We must know that the God of politics is the same one at the war front who aided us and whom we beseech whenever we are disappointed by everyone else.”

He added "Even the notion of justice which regrettably is these days overlooked more than often and is the country’s goals is just a medium goal. The final goal is closeness to God almighty.”

"They wrote book after book and said that they wanted to implement the Turkish model of economy, but we see what is happening to Turkey at this very time of elections,” Lankarani further said.

He asserted "Economic problems are solved with a resistant model not with one like Turkey or Argentina’s. This is something that will ensure the Revolution’s future. It is wrong to say we must level ourselves with the sheriff, it being the US. We must level ourselves with God.”

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