Guardian Council can reassess candidates’ qualification up to last day

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Publish Date: 13:10 - 13 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Kadkhodaei has said that the Guardian Council keeps observing the candidates’ activities to the end of elections and in case they commit any violations, they will be disqualified.

Spokesman for the Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran said in an interview with Mehr News Agency that the Guardian Council is demanded to keep an eye over the electoral campaigns to reassess the candidates’ qualification if they are to act beyond their legal privileges.

Kadkhodaei added "The Guardian Council is authorized to make new investigations, and if any new information or document is found, it will consider them and issue its new judgment.”

"During the campaigns we gave the candidates reminders whenever we felt that there were behavior violating electoral laws. What the reminders were about and who were the candidates let us not mention for the time being, but I must tell this much that there were warnings given to the presidential candidates,” he further said.

Kadkhodaei said that the warnings concern the candidates’ campaigns, issues mentioned in their speeches, and their fans’ behavior.

Asked if any candidates had been given information on their disqualification prior to the public qualification announcement, Kadkhodaei said "In this regard, both for the Majlis elections and presidential elections, some candidates call on us. After consultations held with some members of the Guardian Council we called those who we thought would not get votes. We would talk to them and explain. So it was up to them to accept the fact or not. Some accepted it and some did not and remain to the end.”

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