Qalibaf’s status in urban management vs. efforts to take him into cabinet

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Publish Date: 12:32 - 29 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. While many believe Qalibaf to be a capable mayor, the new City Council of Tehran appears to be considering other figures for the position as well.

Qalibaf was a presidential candidate who lost the competition to Hassan Rouhani. After Rouhani's victory speculations began as to the future political career of other candidates, one of the most debated ones being the Mayor of Tehran, Mohammadbaqer Qalibaf.

After his election, Rouhani commissioned the Reformist Tehran City Council member Mohammadali Najafi to call Qalibaf, inviting him to a meeting.

Right after the message, Qalibaf paid visit to the President-elect. After the visit, Qalibaf said "Mr. Rouhani mentioned the issue of my help with the future administration, and I responded that I will serve the government in the municipality.”

This adds up to nothing but the rejection of the President’s offer by his number one rival.

But these days other things are being heard. While Qalibaf had said in a meeting with his campaign staff in Torqabeh, Mashhad that Rouhani had invited him to join the cabinet, his head of campaign staff Hossein Mozaffar denies such an offer.

Mozaffar has said that so far there has been no negotiation about Qalibaf to take a governmental position, but such an offer will be a wise action by the government to gather the elite for managing the country’s affairs.

Now as most political entities talk of Qalibaf’s third term in the municipality, everything is to be decided by the fourth City Council which is to begin operation on September 3.

Mozaffar stated "In the negotiations that members of the City Council of Tehran have had with Qalibaf, they have expressed their preference that Qalibaf remain Mayor to finish the projects underway.”

"Currently there is no one more suitable than Qalibaf for the municipality and we hope that he will once more be elected as the mayor of Tehran,” he added.

Meanwhile Alireza Dabir, another member of the City Council, has stressed the common opinion of members of the council for Qalibaf to remain in his position.

He said that polls show that 78 percent of the people of Tehran would like Qalibaf to remain as mayor.

Other sources, meanwhile, say that as talks to take Qalibaf into Rouhani's cabinet continue, speculations regarding the election of Mohsen Rezaei as mayor become more frequent.

* Hossein Amiri
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