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Publish Date: 17:37 - 01 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Chamber of Commerce has said that it would like to tell the US to be positive about the course of events and suspend sanctions until the Rouhani administration commences.

Khabar Online reports that at a meeting of the Business and Entrepreneurship Environment and Industry and Mine committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran two proposals were discussed.

The first proposal was for the chambers of commerce of Iran and Tehran to ask US chambers, especially the Washington chamber, for a suspension of sanctions and also to ask that country’s private sector to try to prevent the sanctions.

On the other side, economic entities are trying to make the ICC hold talks with international entities in order to prevent the harsh sanctions of the 1st of July.

The International Chamber of Commerce last year acted as mediator, holding talks with high-ranking private sector entities and conveying objections by the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and other economic entities regarding the Western sanctions.

In this session, Mohammadreza Najafi first provided comments on the July 1 sanctions and said "This sort of sanctions is unprecedented in the past 27 years and will come with effects much larger and more devastating than previous ones.”

He added "Should these sanctions be operational, our shipping will go completely under sanctions, even ships from other countries wont be able to make deals with Iran or enter our waters.”

Najafi said that the country’s currency Rial and the vehicle industry will also be affected by the July 1 sanctions.

He asked the Chamber of Commerce to write a letter to US officials on behalf of Iran’s private sector and state that the sanctions are by no means legal.

In this session Asadollah Asgaroladi also provided comments on a project which he himself has designed and said "So that commercial relations between Iran and the US take a legal, classified form, a few years ago I proposed to launch a common chamber of commerce for Iran and the US. I visited the US twice and discussed the matter with high-ranking private sector entities and was able to attract their favorable opinions. But inside Iran some entities put a spoke in the wheels and the project was left sterile.”

Asgaroladi then pointed to the July 1 sanctions and said "The sanction before us will not be signed by Obama, but we cannot be much of an influence from inside by writing letters. Rather with an interview with Messrs. Nahavandian or Al Eshaq we would be able to give the US the message that they can be optimistic about the future and postpone the sanctions until the Rouhani administration.”

At the end of the session Ahmad Fallahpour, Head of the Business and Entrepreneurship Atmosphere Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran summarized the session as "In this session it was decided that the Board of Directors of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce officially ask the next administration to use incumbent officials that have powerful bonds with the private sector in the next administration’s ministerial structure.”

"Also as passed by the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran’s Board of Directors it is suggested that correspondences begin with US chambers of commerce, asking the country’s private sector to, considering the developments in the Iranian government, suspend the July 1 sanctions until the new cabinet is formed and the Rouhani administration assumes power,” he added.

Pourfallah asserted "The International Chamber of Commerce also must place talks with chambers of commerce across countries on its agenda, warning against US sanctions on Iran for they will victimize the private sector.”

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