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Publish Date: 18:46 - 02 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Amani says that the rallies in Egypt are lead by anti-revolutionary figures.

Head of Iran’s Interest Section in Egypt said in an interview with ISNA "A few months ago the opposition groups had told Morsi that on June 30 they would hold a big rally to remove him. On the other side pro-Morsi entities announced a gathering on the same day under the name of the defense of law, by which they intended to support Morsi.

Mojtaba Amani said "People were taken to the street on Sunday. Both sides called their supporters to the streets. There were two gatherings in Cairo against Morsi and the Brotherhood and one by the pro-Morsi side. In other cities of Egypt also there were demonstrations against Morsi where the two sides mobilized their supporters, but for what the opposition demands to happen much time and their persistence is needed which does not sound promising.”

Amani added "The opposition leaders are not in such good conditions to be able to manage the opposition movement any longer. It is not easy to say which side weighs more since both sides enjoy some authorities currently in power, yet one cannot say that what the opposition has planned will come true.”

"It would be unfair to expect a one-year-old government to gratify the revolutionaries’ needs, considering the barrage of schemes directed at it. Add to that the fact that the demands of the opposition have nothing to do with the achievements of the revolution, rather there are some anti-revolutionary demands being formed on the side of the opposition. Morsi-opposing figures follow anti-revolutionary demands,” he further said.

Amani then asserted "It is the right of every government to have its own integrity, despite the fact that the opposition might call it a dictatorship. The Morsi administration has faced problems for its excessive trust in some former enemies of Egypt and supporters of the Mubarak system. Those mistakes have provided grounds for the opposition now to take people into the street.”

He believed that no doubt many countries who would not like an independent Egypt will regard their interests wasted to see the country in integrity and that it seems that such countries have a hand in the disturbances.

He added that Morsi and the Brotherhood’s relations with the US have proved that the US intensifies its measures against the publically elected government whenever it deems fit, something suggested by the Egyptian executive branch spokesman’s mentioning the name of the US and a number of other countries, indicating that no country would be let interfere with Egypt’s internal affairs.

Amani also believed that Morsi’s relations with the US have also facilitated the opposition’s task in using the common anti-American vibe of the country to create a more powerful anti-Morsi movement.

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