Saudis ruin Muslims’ face: Syrian official

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Publish Date: 13:06 - 15 November 2017
Syria’s permanent envoy in UN described Saudi Arabia as a country supporting terrorism and ruining Muslims’ reputation in the world.

Saudis ruin Muslims’ face: Syrian official

According to al-Ahd news website, Basshar al-Ja’afari said in UN General Assembly that Saudi Arabia and Qatar spent 137 billion dollars to bring international terrorism in Syria.

Huge amounts of money also were spent to destroy Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and other regions, he added.

The Saudi regime leads a coalition of a number of Persian Gulf Arab countries to support terrorism and and and blood-shedding in the region, Bashar al-Ja'fari stated in the Third Committee of the United Nations following the drafting of a Western-Arab- Qatari resolution on ‘Human Rights in Syria’.

Asserting that Saudis can not buy loyalty through money, al-Jafari said that supporting the Saudi anti-Syrian resolution is shameful.

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