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Publish Date: 11:24 - 10 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Turk activist believes that the West has started a new game with Morsi which it is to continue with Erdoğan.

Manager of the Rebeze Culture House said in an interview with Fars in Istanbul "The reckoning with Morsi shows a new game by the West. It seems that they are after more moderate leaders in the region. The first key in this new game was Morsi and Erdoğan is most probably the next one.”

Eren Erdem provided comments on the developments in Egypt and said "The coup is a mirror to the failure of the US Great Middle East project. Morsi was created within this Western scheme and grew into a symbol under the shadow of what was called the Arab Spring. But he was all of a sudden discharged. Now Turkey’s Justice and Development Party, AKP, is trying to make out this trend. Since they noticed that the trend meant the removal of Morsi, the AKP politicians say that Morsi was kicked out as an Erdoğan resultant. This way they are promoting themselves.”

Next to Erdoğan

Manager of the Rebeze Culture House also pointed to developments in Syria, saying "The West must not be trusted much. The West and the American imperialism do not intend to leave the ME alone.”

Eren Erdem also provided comments on the impacts of the developments on Turkey and asserted "The Gezi Park incidents were rather a result of contemporary regional conflict than the construction of a shopping mall. Erdoğan grasped the game very well, so by taking to force against the protesters he implied to the West that they could topple him only through war and bloodshed.”

"Erdoğan knows that the West is trying to discharge him, that is why he is going to form his own special force. Turkey’s is a police government the way it is already. The whole time Erdoğan would give prominence to the police whenever he was to take position. He created a resistance front by complimenting them, because he is preparing himself for armed confrontations in the full sense,” Erdem added.

He continued "Erdoğan over-intensified the vibe over Gezi Park. But he could adopt a different policy and make settlement with the West. But he did not do that, preferring to drive the country to terror, so he lost the game. I think the AKP is looking for a new leader.”

He stated "Erdoğan knows that he is to go. That is why he is trying through Jewish diaspora and rentier lobbyists as well as mentioning old phenomena to form a protective shield. Turkey gives the highest interest to capitals, that being why foreign capitals are directed at it. Under such circumstances it is difficult to imagine that a Prime Minister whose government is based on such rentier lobbies would confront them.”

Ankara, PKK to fall in the same pit

Erdem also pointed to the developing relations between Ankara and PKK and said "I expect a lot of agitating attacks in the name of the Kurd in the coming days. Developments in Lice were the starting point of such acts. This is the only way to separate the Kurd and the PKK.”

He added "While the PKK sits at the negotiation table, the Turk Army bombardment of the Kurd will create a serious resistance trend among these people. Therefore, Ankara and PKK will fall together in the same pit which they have also dug together. From all these, I think, it is the Kurd people of Turkey who will again be wronged.”

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