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Publish Date: 12:44 - 27 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Professor says that Iran’s major problem is radical groups who do not approve of relations with the US by any means.

The University Professor Sadeq Zibakalam said in an interview with a local news agency regarding the prospects of growing relations between Iran and the US "The real problem is a part of the Iranian sovereignty which does not approve of any kind of relationship with the West and the US.”

"We saw that when 130 Congressmen held an olive branch to Obama in regard with Iran and when Mr. Jack Straw held an olive branch to Mr. Rouhani, radical currents would immediately take an unfavorable position. They said that Straw does not have a right to come to Iran. These people said that the US and UK must first apologize for their past crimes,’ the close adviser to Rouhani pointed out.

Zibakalam asserted that currently it is impossible to work towards détente, adding that the major problem is Iran’s insistence on enmity with the US.

He added "The 19 million people who voted for Rouhani want changes in the in with the US and the West. If people had liked animosity with the US to go on they would have voted for Jalili; but that didn’t happen and only 15 percent voted for him.”

He also provided comments on Moscow’s key role in the 5+1 talks and said "The key to solving Iran’s problems with the Six Powers is not in Moscow’s hand, but in Washington. If any change is going to happen in the course of these talks, it needs changes in the Iran-US relations.”

He also pointed to Putin’s prospective trip to Iran and said that despite the trip, there is no change to be expected in Iran-Russia relations, since no side desires a change in the relations.

"Of course there is no reason why the Russians should be willing to mend Iran’s relations with the West. They are making the best use of current situations, because the continuation of the situation keeps Iran relying on Russia,” Zibakalam asserted.

"Therefore,” he stated "the trip is not going to include any special point or interaction and can only be a congratulation to the President.”

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