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Publish Date: 14:08 - 03 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. President has said that as the most important global issue, the Palestinian crisis needs much more attention that it currently receives.

Speaking before the Quds Day protesters on Friday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pointed to the Palestine-Israel case as the most important global issue and added "Some are ignorant as to the depth of the issue. They think that once upon a time something has happened and a group have made a decision, a land has been occupied, a group have risen to power, and now they can gather around a couple cups o’ coffee and talk the matter over. If it was that easy, 70 years of turmoil, a number of wars, and all this scuffle would have been meaningless. It is clear that the issue is more important than that.”

"Some think that this has been a historical event and one must either pass it by or sit to talks and solve it. [They think] that well, it is a land, let us give some of it to this group and some to the other and solve the matter for all and then see you later alligator; that is not a correct outlook. This is a historic naiveté and credulity.”

The President also condemned Western support for Israel, saying "If Western countries settled a group in the Palestinian land out of compassion and human rights, how is it that they sacrifice human rights for the Zionist?”

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