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Publish Date: 13:35 - 25 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Mohammadreza Aref has called for an anti-sanctions campaign to be launched.

"Americans know that the Islamic Republic is not seeking nuclear weapons,” asserted Mohammadreza Aref in a meeting with members of the central committee of the ‘No to Sanctions’ campaign, "Iran’s belief, conduct, and approach is the peaceful application of nuclear and other advanced technologies, something which our high-ranking officials have frequently asserted.”

Aref believed that besides the role of governments in solving the nuclear issue, NGOs also can have a big impact.

He emphasized that Iran must work in the non-political sphere as well as the political in working its way through the nuclear case and said "We see it necessary to have healthy relations with Europe and the West. But as for the nuclear issue some believe that the technology must be the province of some special countries. They are not happy if Iran acquires the technology.”

"The most important issue relating to the nuclear technology is the monopolist view by some Western countries, something which has given the issue a political aspect,” Aref asserted.

He added that Iran is willing to offer its technological achievements in all spheres to other countries, but the West tends to monopolize technology.

Aref also said that some parts of the West are in the dark in relation to Iran, which has lead to negative views of the country by their side.

He said that the way to fight the West’s media barrage on Iran is through cultural actions, adding "Iran is no ruffian country. We are a cultural society and want to live in peace with the world.”

"We do not condone our rights, but also respects others’ rights. We are able of talk and interaction to solve disagreements and reach mutual understanding,” he asserted.

Emphasizing the role of civil organizations in international relations he said "Parallel NGOs in the West and Iran must recognize and make contact with each other.”

Giving recommendations to the ‘No to Sanctions’ members, he said "It would be better if you formed think tanks and started relations with non-governmental, peace-loving organizations from other countries within the established frameworks of our country.”

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