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Publish Date: 13:02 - 15 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former Turk diplomats believe that Erdoğan’s insistence on attack on Syria has met failure against the Russian plan and the Justice and Development Party is at a dead end.

Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party of Turkey criticizing Erdoğan’s policies asserted "The Justice and Development party has arrived at a dead end in domestic and foreign policies and Erdoğan is now a bold slave to his previous statements.”

Vice-President of Republican People’s Party Gürsel Tekin in interview with Fars said "The Russian plan and its acceptance by Obama and his allies have put the ruling Justice and Development Party in an impasse.”

Pointing to the failures suffered by the Erdoğan administration, he said "The Justice and Development Party has reached a dead end in domestic and civil policies, because instead of his country’s interests, Erdoğan is worried for the interests of the Justice and Development Party. Erdoğan acts only to the interest of the party. He is looking for an ally for a crusade in the Islamic world and enjoys the thoughts of annihilating the Islamic world. But the people of Turkey must stand against that mentality.”

Former Turk diplomat Şükrü Elekdağ also believed that an attack on Syria will rather complicate the issue than solve it, adding "The surrender of chemical weapons to prevent an attack by the US is a good idea. Here the US and Turkey face Russia and Iran. If a solution is to be found, Turkey must cooperate with Iran and Russia. Without such cooperation finding a way out of the Syrian crisis will be impossible.”

Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Oktay Öztürk also said in interview with Fars "Erdoğan’s insistence on attacking Syria is a pompous show.”

Asserting that Erdoğan uses maneuvers on a military attack on Syria as a propaganda tool, he said "The closer we get to the elections the more empty-handed Erdoğan becomes. I have not seen such adventurism so far. Today some are ruling Turkey who are not politicians, and that is a pity for Turkey.”

He also maintained "The US is thinking of the post-Bashar Assad era, but since it understands that it cannot have control over the post-Bashar Assad era, it prefers Assad to his opposition. But Erdoğan has become a pompous slave to his previous statements and struggles to realize them.” 

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