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Publish Date: 13:32 - 15 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Arani says that Iran was the reason why the US preferred not to attack Syria.

Abbas Mansouri Arani, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Majlis, in interview with Tasnim said "In every threat in military terms, there is another term which is brought up, and that is deterrence, which is created based on various situations.”

"Deterrence for a country may come from the weapons and equipment it possesses, or maybe from a strong people and leader, or maybe even that the country has powerful, influential allies,” he further said.

Arani added "As for Syria there were two sources of deterrence. The first was the Syrian people and their leader who, by their public mobilization showed their will to defend their country. The second was the role of regional powers such as Iran, as an influential power in the Islamic world and the middle east, as well as Russia and China.”

"Our influence in Saudi Arabia and Iraq was quite clear to the US,” he asserted, adding "Americans knew that the Islamic Republic of Iran has special influence over the region. So they liked to see how serious Iran is in supporting Syria. As they saw the steadfastness of the Leader and people, they understood our country’s devotion in support of Syria.”

He further said "The US and the West came to understand that they could not overlook Iran as a pivotal regional power. So the power of Iran had a special role in the cancellation of attack on Syria. They might think to themselves that they can through some missiles at Syria, but when they thought of the aftermath of the war, they found that they would lose control over the region.”

The National Security official pointing to the 33 and 22 day wars said "In those cases the US found how influential Iran’s support is. So as they thought of attacking Syria, which could afflict Israel more severely than the 33-day war, they were discouraged.”

"The fact that no war broke in the region is a welcome thing and we appreciate it. So far we had mustered all our power and capacity to reduce tension in the region and prevent unpleasant incidents and war,” he maintained.


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