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Publish Date: 15:33 - 12 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Iranian clergyman has addressed Malaysian politician for his recent anti-Shiite statements.

Mohammadreza Vahedi, writer, poet, and clergyman has addressed the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in response to his anti-Shiite statements, Mehr News Agency reports.

Last week Mohamad had said that the Iranian Shiite must not visit Malaysia if they are to bother the Malaysian citizens.

In the letter, Vahedi has pointed to what he calls anti-Shiite measures during Mohamad’s office as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, relating such actions to political and security concerns rather than religious ones, stemming from the interests of Takfiri and Salafi groups.

He has further called attention to the history of Shiism, stating "The Shiite have not only not trespassed the rights of Muslims ever, but on the contrary they has always been victim to the rage of violent sects. Do you know of any instance when the Shiite might have attempted retaliation with a vindictive, violent act?”

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04:06 - 1392/10/05
I know this was not Bush’s intention but a devidid Muslim world works to our favor. As long as they are fighting one another, they will not have the strength to take on the western world including the United States. Our only national interests in that region are 1) stable supply of oil; amd 2) preventing terrorism against U.S. targets. It is all about stabiliy which is why the Bush war policies have been such a universally acknowledged disaster.
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