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Publish Date: 12:10 - 17 October 2013
A delegation of Libyan tribes is visiting Moscow. Bassem al-Hashemi Sol, the press secretary of a Libyan tribal association, spoke about the aims of the visit and the current situation in Libya in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.
"The aim of our visit is to give the Russian side the true picture of what is happening in Libya. In other words, we came to Russia to seek media support because the situation in Libya is heavily distorted in world media.

Gross and ubiquitous violations of human rights have become part of our daily life. Prisoners are tortured in our jails and our streets have turned into a black arms market. When asked whether a democratic government came to power in Libya after the death of Gaddafi, we answer that armed groups, mostly radical Islamist organizations, came to power in our country.

This and many other things displease Libyans. We are planning to hold a large rally in front of the Libyan embassy in Moscow on Friday.

There have been lively debates in mass media lately about the alleged forthcoming cession of Cyrenaica from Libya. But I assure you that all the Libyan tribes are now preparing for a countrywide unification, so all questions of secession and division will be closed once and for all. We will put an end to this madness that swept our country after the false ‘Arab Spring’. The United States and al-Qaeda which have recently played a piece of buffoonery, first kidnapping and then releasing Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, will cease to rule our country.

It’s unclear what precisely they threatened to do with the premier, but he was not talkative after the release and even failed to describe his abductors. The incident is further proof that one is free do anything in our country: rob banks or kidnap ministers – all unpunished…

The international community does not send human rights experts to us because they know what kind of report they will receive from Libya. The international community knows well that there are exclusively Gaddafi supporters in our prisons and they are tortured daily and held in abhorrent conditions. Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners are suffering from diseases caused by the absence of hygiene and medical services.

A question arises why not a single country in the world attempts to find out what’s happened to the $200 billion of Libya’s assets frozen in foreign banks. The answer is clear – because the money has long been divided between Western politicians and al-Qaeda which helped them conquer Libya.

Today, Libya is part of an international mechanism used by al-Qaeda to achieve its goals. Abdel Wahab al-Qayed, a member of the General National Congress [Libya’s parliament] is the third man in al-Qaeda. He and premier Ali Zeidan work together as a smooth mechanism.

We have unpublished video tapes of youths, including teenagers, being trained for subsequent fighting in Syria. The pseudo mufti of Libya is paid for his radical fatwas in which he urges people to kill the ‘unfaithful’ in Syria and join terrorist ranks. We have collected all that video evidence and it will be published soon.

The Libyan people are fed up with that. I can assure you that large-scale changes will occur in our country soon. Those changes will be carried out by all the people of Libya, all its tribes."

Voice of Russia

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