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Publish Date: 12:08 - 27 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. President Rouhani has presented the report of his administrative performance during the first 100 days in office.

As he had promised during his electoral campaign, Hassan Rouhani appeared on the state TV on Tuesday evening to brief his administrative performance of the first 100 days in office.

Pointing out foreign diplomacy as one of the main tenets of his administration, Rouhani said "Enemies had disseminated Irano-phobia throughout the world. Iran’s relation to the world was limited to a number of countries. Iranians living abroad had to face many problems.”

He described sanctions as an unjust pressure on the Iranian nation founded unsoundly on the pretext of nuclear activities, yet stated "I do not intend to say that all problems came from the sanctions. Problems were due mostly to lack of insight.”

"While going headlong into sanctions, they would say the sanctions were but a piece of paper, increasing their need for imports in the meantime,” the president asserted, criticizing policies by the previous Iranian government.

"In the nuclear section, I guarantee people that the first lock has been unlocked. We have shaken the pillars of the mansion of sanctions and there is nothing to worry the people. They may talk some talk out there, but they are helpless and they are only putting on a brave face,” the president of Iran further continued.

"By the end of this month when agreements are made, great changes will happen to the Iranian banking system."

Regarding the future status of uranium enrichment, he asserted that since a red line, domestic enrichment is never to be halted.

"Some would like it and some not to interpret the NPT as such that it cannot be done by a lawyer but rather by a colonel,” he said.

He further stated "I am happy that all our friends are happy with the Geneva talks. I believe that nations are happy with the talks, too. There’s just one ill-begotten, occupier regime which was founded on injustice and strife. It must be left alone. These are a bunch of war-mongering folk.”

"The entire region feels safe after the recent agreement. Even Arab countries have to be happy. We gave a message to our neighbors and I believe the agreements will not harm any of our neighbors. But there are some who think that Iran is trying to build nuclear bombs, whereas it has never tried to make mass destruction, including nuclear, weapons,” Rouhani emphasized.

He also pointed to concerns that there are articles in the Iran-West agreement which are not mentioned in the written accord, adding "Our agreement document is only the one there is. There may be an appendix, but nothing is hidden.”

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