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Publish Date: 16:05 - 28 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Analyst says the Iranian society’s negative outlook toward the West is less empirical and more psychological.

"It seems that in our society opposition to the West has less logical roots than psychological ones,” said Mahmood Sariolghalam, academic who is known as a theoretician of the 11th administration.

"Negative reaction to the international order comes from our weakness,” Sariolghalam asserted, adding "If we were powerful and had the wealth of quality to compete on the international arena as Brazil, Indonesia, and South Korea do; and if we had created a system revolving around production, merit, wealth production, and quality, we would not have felt so weak against the West and we would not have taken to reaction. We would have rather had a reasonable life in our own scale.”

Sariolghalam the political commentator whose statements have recently met some harsh response from the right wing further stated "One who is able will not live through reaction. If we study the modes of thought and action of Asian countries we will see that by improving their abilities, they have gained a reasonable share in international relations and their peoples are also well respected.”

Pointing to the notion of an American scheme against Iranians he said "In religious texts it is asserted that when there is oppression, both the oppressor and the oppressed are guilty. We have taken on the Western oppression because we have been weak. Why is not the US able to appoint the Malaysian Prime Minister or restrict the economy of Brazil? Because they have created a system which is not prone to damage. And in the meantime they have enough self-esteem to not have to live in constant fear.”

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