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Publish Date: 11:38 - 08 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Tehran Friday preacher has demanded the Iranian Foreign Ministry to “give a crushing answer” to US statesmen’s “balderdash”.

"Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Sherman were so rude. They talked dirty which behoves themselves. Mrs. Sherman says Iran fed the poor with their money. God have mercy, this is outrageous! US money? It is our money, which you froze. That is outright theft. Now, thanks to the negotiations, they return some of the money and they say it’s their money,” said the Tehran Friday preacher ayatollah Movahedi Kermani.

"Americans have grown so demanding,” he exclaimed, "to put it in a nutshell, their problems is not just nuclear bombs. They are talking about the ballistic missiles. Well, that is just interesting!”

He further said "The other thing they keep saying is that the two people who took part in the 09 sedition be freed. With such words there has remained no dignity for these two. They say Iran has to stop supporting terrorists. They mean the Hezbollah, which stands for the Lebanese’s pride, esteem, and essence, but they are seen as terrorists by the US.”

He pointed out that American officials explicitly state that Iran is the reason for the instable situations in Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, and Afghanistan, maintaining "Just think a bit, talk reasonably. What you mentioned in these countries is your crime. You gathered a bunch of Syria opposers to decide about Syria. Criminals cannot decide for Syria and its people. Now we are supporting the Syrian people, and what you say makes no sense.”

The ayatollah added "The US supports terrorism. We support the oppressed, how can it become the cause of instability? More interesting is John Kerry saying ‘We have not closed our eyes to the 30 years history with Iran.’ I say do not close them and see how much crime you have done in these 35 years.”

Kermani stated "They says the revocation of the sanctions is small and reversible. They say these things amid the vibe of negotiation and they claim that in the next 6 months they will continue to pressurize Iran’s economy with the sanctions. Now with all their nonsense, is it not right if Iran shouts ‘Down with USA’?”

"They misused the manners and the gentle spirit of our Foreign Minister Mr. Zarif. The politer he appeared the more impolite they got. The Foreign Ministry is required to appear bold against these arrogant people and as they talk nonsense, our ministers must speak sound words, which is very important,” he asserted.

He added "The US does not let go, it keeps talking about the military option. Iran, in return, just laughs at these threats. If you have no manners, at least learn the language for negotiations. I really have to express my condolences to Mr. Zarif for he is required to be negotiating these people.”

Kermani then said "When they say the military option’s on the table, US statesmen are kidding. They do not dare. You have been fighting Islam for years. The war on Islam is like a war on Iran. What have you gained except remorse?”

He added "Our little brothers beat Israel in the 33, 22, and 8-day wars. Everybody knows that you supported Israel, but meanwhile, as Khomeini would say, you could not do a damn thing.”

Addressing the US, the ayatollah said "You poor creatures! Come to your senses and see that Iran has got God behind it, adding to that the advanced, powerful armed forces. Of course we know that all this dignity has to do with our adherence to the rules of Islam. Today is the day that we need to adhere to Islamic, revolutionary values.”

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