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Publish Date: 11:16 - 24 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran Oleksandr Samarskiy discusses the recent changes in his country.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran Oleksandr Samarskiy expressed his viewpoints on the recent changes in Ukraine at a press conference.

Samarskiy said "Freeing Ukraine of communist ideology was one of the factors behind the public coming to the streets for demonstration, because all through the independent Ukraine, the communist party has been in power.”

He added "Demonstrations in Ukraine started peacefully, but instead of listening to people, president Viktor Yanukovych suppressed the demonstrations. As the suppression intensified, people resisted more and that’s how conflict started.”

Samarskiy further pointed out that Yanukovych has not been able to leave Ukraine yet and no country, even Russia, would not give him refuge.

The ambassador said "Many Ukrainian analysts belive that the recent changes meant a second defeat for the Russian president Vladimir Putin, his first defeat, or misunderstanding, dating back to 2004 when Putin congratulated Viktor Yanukovych  before he even made president.”

Samarskiy maintained "I agree with those who want Ukraine to join the EU. Latest polls show that Ukrainians are willing to join the EU.”

He further stated that there are two possible ways to be taken in the future, one Russian and one European.

"The Russian model is not that interesting because bribery is very much prevalent in this country and it has got queer rules,” he further pointed out.

The ambassador said "The EU has its own problems, though, and there is a tough path. But life expectancy is higher in the EU model.”

Maintaining that the Ukrainian revolution is not over yet, he stated "The laws now in force in our country have to be changed and normalized. Also, security measures must be intensified in order to make security for the citizens sure. Also, bribery has to be fought, because people deserve better lives.”

"Russia was seeking to separate part of Ukraine but failed to do so. Most organizations with people’s representatives didn’t support the idea. On the other hand Viktor Yanukovych asked Putin to accompany him upon disturbances, but Putin didn’t heed him,” Samarskiy added.

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