North Korea slams America’s Bolton as ‘inordinately ignorant’ over missile test comments

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Publish Date: 12:31 - 27 May 2019
TEHRAN, May 27-North Korea has slams US National Security Adviser John Bolton as a “war fanatic” and a “human defect” that should be banished after the hawkish US official said Pyongyang’s latest missiles tests violated UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

North Korea slams America’s Bolton as ‘inordinately ignorant’ over missile test commentsTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -A spokesman for the North’s Foreign Ministry said Bolton’s comments about Pyongyang’s tests of two long-range and several short-range missiles were “inordinately ignorant” and “beyond stupid.”

The American security official had said on May 24 that “there is no doubt” North Korea’s missile tests earlier this month violated UNSC resolutions.

The unnamed spokesman said the launches did not target or threaten any neighboring countries. “Banning launches using ballistic technology is equal to telling us to give up our right to self defense, he added.

He further called Bolton a “war maniac” who keeps “whispering war” into President Donald Trump’s ears. Bolton, the spokesman added, was more working to “destroy peace and security” than maintain them.

“Such human defect must go away as soon as possible,” the North Korean official added.

In his comments about North Korea’s tests, Bolton went further than his boss, President Donald Trump, who first said he was “unhappy” with the tests and later downplayed their significance.

In a tweet, Trump dismissed Bolton’s concerns over the test launches.

“North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me,” Trump wrote.

On Monday, Trump — who is on a visit to Japan — said there was “great respect” between the United States and North Korea and predicted “lots of good things.”

“I may be right, I may be wrong. But I feel that we’ve come a long way. There's been no rocket testing, there's been no nuclear testing," Trump said ahead of his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“We’ll see what happens. There’s a good respect built — maybe a great respect built — between certainly the United States and North Korea. We will see what happens,” he added.

Trump has held two summits with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula since June 2017.

In the first meeting in Singapore, the two sides reached a general agreement on the issue, but their second summit in Vietnam collapsed, with Trump and Kim giving contradictory accounts of the talks.

The North has warned that it is considering ending talks on denuclearization and resuming its nuclear and missile tests over what it describes as “the gangster-like stand” of the US.


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