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Publish Date: 13:12 - 14 May 2014
Tehran,YJC. Rouhani says some entities inside the country loote ransack the country’s wealth in the name of resistance against outside forces.

"It is no pride for the country to need food import when a big chunk of the population are in need, or in other words are below the poverty line. We have to gird our loins and build the country. That is something that doesn’t come by with making just a lot of sound and just bragging on. The country’s dignity and prestige is not built that way,” exclaimed President Rouhani at a meeting on Tuesday.

"Choosing the wrong way and then trying to correct the mistakes only frustrates the people,” he asserted, adding "I do not intend to hurt anyone on this special day, but there are those in this very country who pillage public property and delve into people’s pockets saying we have to resist superpowers.”

The President said "We have to stop those who intend through propaganda to rerail what people chose last June.”

"We have to care about high goals such as controlling inflation and creating jobs for the youth. I do not say there must be no criticism, because speaking one’s mind freely is everybody’s right; but let criticism serve as help rather than subversion,” maintained Rouhani.

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