Accusing Iran of war-mongering to justify détente is treason

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Publish Date: 8:26 - 26 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Supreme Leader says the Islamic Republic respects human dignity and wholeness.

Members of the Iranian parliament, Majlis, met the Supreme Leader on Sunday morning to mark the third anniversary of the start of the parliament’s 9th term.

Ayatollah Khamenei stated "The Islamic system was created through fighting and it remained in place through that. Your job and mine is to continue the fight.”

"We have to take care that in all the sections of economy, policy-making, and negotiations we are all in a fight,” he asserted.

The Supreme Leader further said "The day when the policies of the resistance economy were announced organizations here and there started to endorse and praise the guidelines. But mere praise is not enough, action is needed, we must act.”

"Those who accuse the state of war-mongering in order to justify détente and servitude to the bullies are traitors and liars,” exclaimed ayatollah Khamenei, adding "The Islamic state is a human one, one of dignity and wholeness and glorification of humanity.”

He further said "We must not allow festering spots to grow. If we do not stop corruption at its first stage the cure will grow more and more difficult; and if it is cured it will come with damage.”

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