Damascus Int’l Trade Fair; post-crisis authority

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Publish Date: 11:52 - 29 August 2019
TEHRAN, August 29 -The 61st Syrian International Trade Fair with the slogan "From Syria to the World” began today with the participation of over 500 companies from 38 countries in the suburb of Damascus and is scheduled to be open until September 5.

Damascus Int’l Trade Fair; post-crisis authorityTEHRAN,Young Journalists Club(YJC) -The Damascus International Fair is being held this year while with the heavy defeat of terrorists in most parts of Syria, good peace and stability has been restored; rebuilding of Syrian cities and residential areas has begun, and a number of factories and industries have also started activity.

Syrian officials have also provided opportunities for investors, especially Syrian expatriate investors, by offering incentives and special concessions.

This year's Damascus exhibition includes important countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Oman, UAE, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Czech Republic.

At the 60th Damascus International Fair, held in September last year, over 1,700 companies from different countries were attended and the number of foreign companies participating in this year's Damascus International Fair has not been announced as yet.

The pivotal point on the sidelines of the Damascus International Fair is the anger and concern of the Americans for holding the exhibition, which will certainly have significant achievements for the Syrian people and government; the anger is so high that Washington has threatened business activists and businessmen planning to attend the 61st International Trade Fair in Syria to face US Treasury sanctions if they attend the event.

The US Embassy in Syria site and Facebook page have been barring businessmen from participating in the Damascus International Fair since August 22, despite the closure of the embassy since 2011, according to Sputnik.

The US government has explicitly stated in its messages that anyone who intends to cooperate with the Syrian government in commercial and economic grounds will face severe US Treasury sanctions.

But many governments and foreign companies have participated in this year's Damascus Exhibition, ignoring the US threat, which could have clear messages to the United States.

The Managing Director of Iran’s International Exhibitions Company said about the number of Iranian companies in the 61st Damascus International Exhibition that Iran will be present with more than 100 companies at Damascus International Fair.

Bahman Hosseinzadeh, speaking to a Syrian News Agency correspondent in Tehran, added that the 61st Damascus International Fair is a sign of Syria's strength and that the Damascus government has overcome the crisis, especially as the exhibition is of particular importance in the light of Western economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

Hosseinzadeh went on to say that Iran is willing to invest in Syria in all economic and commercial areas, especially in the construction sector, and holding this exhibition could boost exports between the two countries.

"The event also introduces the capabilities and capacities of companies, and its use helps counteract economic sanctions in Syria, he said.

Hassan Danaeifar, the Advisor to the First Vice President and Secretary of Iran-Syria-Iraq Economic Relations Development Headquarters, Eshaq Jahangiri, also emphasized the importance of the Damascus International Fair, stating that Iranian companies will be more active in this round.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that US efforts to close the Damascus Fair were in line with Washington's obstruction against Syrian reconstruction.

The US effort to delay Syria's reconstruction process undermines its national integrity and sovereignty, which openly contradicts the spirit and text of the UN Security Council resolutions, in particular resolution 2254, the statement said.


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