China urges US to respond ‘reasonably’ to coronavirus outbreak

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Publish Date: 16:15 - 07 February 2020
Tehran 7 February _Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged US President Donald Trump to respond “reasonably” to the coronavirus outbreak, saying Beijing is doing all it can to contain the epidemic.

China urges US to respond ‘reasonably’ to coronavirus outbreakTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club(YJC)_In a phone conversation with his US counterpart on Friday, Xi said China was "fully confident and capable of defeating the epidemic".

He said "the long-term trend of China's economic development for the better will not change" under the brunt of the epidemic, Chinese national broadcaster CCTV reported.

Xi called the fight to contain the new coronavirus a "people's war", saying China has implemented "nationwide mobilization, comprehensive deployment and rapid response" along with "the strictest prevention and control measures" against the virus.

Xi’s comments came after China accused the United States of spreading fear over the epidemic by pulling Americans out of the Asian country and enforcing travel restrictions instead of providing aid to Beijing in curbing the killer infection.

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