Fasting in earth’s hottest spot

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Publish Date: 10:50 - 06 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Shahdad is the hottest place on earth with a temperature of 70° C, yet there are people there who fast Ramadan.

Shahdad is the last residence on the southern side of the Dasht-e Lut in Kerman province, south-east Iran.

In the past few days the local meteorology bureau has reported it as the area’s hottest spot.

Sometimes with 70° C, Shahdad is said to be the hottest spot on earth, yet there are people in this area who observe the Islamic rite of fasting in the month of Ramadan, taking neither a bite nor a drought from dawn to dusk.

The people’s livelihood depends mostly on the horticulture of dates.

The area has recently gone through a serious decline in water supply and the increasing summer heat is a real burden on those who have to work in the garden.

Despite all the hardship there are those who fast Ramadan and in the meantime, try to adjust their lifestyle to the demands of it by keeping home as much as possible at the hours when the sun is high.

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