US to conduct nuclear test ‘within months’ if Trump orders: Pentagon

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Publish Date: 16:46 - 31 May 2020
TEHRAN, 31 May_A senior Pentagon official says the US could carry out a live nuclear test "within months" if President Donald Trump orders it.

US to conduct nuclear test ‘within months’ if Trump orders: PentagonActing Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters Drew said “geopolitical issues” – presumably referring to Moscow and Beijing – could prompt the order, and that could change “rapidly.”

“If the president directed – because of a technical issue or a geopolitical issue – the system to go test, I think it would happen relatively rapidly,” Walter said.

The Washington Post reported late last week that the United States is planning to conduct a nuclear test as the Trump administration backtracks on US treaties to reduce nuclear arms, reigniting a dangerous and new Cold War.

Top national security officials of the Trump administration discussed performing the US’ first nuclear test since 1992 at a meeting last Friday.

A senior official told the paper that a US "rapid test" could offer leverage in arms negotiations with Russia and China as the White House pushes for a trilateral arms control deal.

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