Gaza crimes point to Israel’s wolf-like nature

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Publish Date: 14:45 - 24 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Supreme Leader says the only remedy to Israel’s crimes is to demolish it.

"We believe that the West Bank has to be armed like Gaza, and those who are interested in the fate of Palestine be able to follow their interest so that the agony which the people of Palestine are suffering may deminish by their mighty hands,” were the words of Iran’s Supreme Leader who was speaking to a number of students on Wednesday.

In reaction to Israel’s rencent wave of attacks on Gaza he exclaimed "These crimes which surpass imagination point to the nature of a wolf-like, child-killing regime for which the only remedy is annihilation. Of course until that time, the only way to cope with this wild regime is for Palestinians to show decisive armed defense and to stretch their defense to the West Bank. Adding to that, the unabashed support by the US and the West for zionist crimes should influence us all as a great experience, leaving its mark on our knowledge, our view, and our conduct. We have to understand that that is the reality of the US.”

Ayatollah Khamenei further stated "These incidents are indicative of the blatantly violent policy of the iron fist which the bogus zionist regime has, in its 66-year lifetime, blatantly manifested.”

 "As Imam Khomeini said, Israel has to be destroyed. But of course the annihilation of Israel as the only way does not mean to annihilate the region’s Jewish people, but for such a sensible objective, there is a practical approach which the Islamic Republic has time an again proposed to international entities,” he further maintained.

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