Only for Iran’s support, Israel must have taken all of Gaza by now / Zionist regime has to be demolished

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Publish Date: 22:42 - 25 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Friday preacher says Gaza is still in Palestinian hands only because of support from Iran.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami who was speaking to thousands of fasting prayers who had come to the streets of Tehran to demonstrate on the occasion of the Quds day said "Iran’s axis for unity is the matter of Palestine and Gaza and showing support for the oppressed people of Palestine as well as showing opposition to the Zionist regime.”

"This is the way and the path of the Iranian nation. Those who chanted ‘neither Gaza, nor Lebanon’ in the 2009 sedition were a bunch cut loose from the nation of Iran. They will continue to be cut away from the Iranian nation if they still hold that kind of thought,” the preacher stated.

Khatami further stated "The people of Iran support the people of Palestine both in demonstrations and in showing the support. As the deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad Movement the Palestinians owe from their bread to their bullets to the Iranian nation. If there was not such support by the Islamic Iran the Zionist regime must have occupied the entire Gaza by now. The Zionist interior ministry had following the war said that the order to occupy all of Gaza had been issued. But you can see that they have been grounded. This means that the Islamic Iran has paid its debt to Palestine.”

He further exclaimed "The Zionist regime has to be demolished and one has to replaced through referendum. The Iranian nations approach to the Palestinian issue is that a government must raise to power via the votes of those who inhabit the occupied lands. Iran’s motto is that every Palestinian must have a vote.”

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