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Publish Date: 11:25 - 16 February 2013
Tehran, YJC. The results of a recent survey conducted in the US revealed that a startling 82% of Americans are displeased with Congress’ work.
Even though such discontent with Congress expressed by three fourths of the country’s population should have raised alarm among those in power and those positioning themselves as the voice of the public, the outcome of the survey received no comment from the government or media outlets.

According to the survey, US Congress has become a center of anti-Russian sentiments and anti-Russian policy. The recent, and unfortunately not the only one, instance of such a policy was a provocation that became known as the Magnitsky Act. A legally negligible act, it defies the rudimentary principles of the international law which precludes interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. The Magnitsky Act was initiated by a group of hawks, not to ensure fair justice, but with a view to obstruct what Washington referred to as a ‘reset’ in US-Russian relations. The image of a foe they assign to Russia is beneficial to those who make billions trading in weapons, and those who lobby for their interests in Congress.

American attorney and political appointee Michael E.Toner, who served as the chairman of the Federal Election Commission, revealed on the pages of US News And World Report that the previous nationwide elections cost the candidates over $5 billion. Each deputy seat cost $4 million, if not more. According to a report published by the Center for Responsive Politics, many candidates are elected to Congress because their opponents lack the funds to challenge them.

Judging by the fact that the Pentagon’s 2013 budget which exceeds $630 billion received a full approval in Congress, those behind the arms lobby are going to reap a good profit. There is no need to say whose accounts the money will land on. The arms race is continuing despite the crisis and the ‘gun kings’ have turned it into a gold mine. As for Congress, it is guarding its interests.

But the 400 Congressmen make up but a fraction of the American population three fourths of which, the survey revealed, distrust them.
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