Iranian lawmakers slam Washington’s ban of drugs import

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Publish Date: 19:44 - 01 November 2020
The United States’ separating of Iran from the global financial system has hindered the Islamic Republic’s ability to secure supplies of food and drugs as it struggles to rein in a resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak.

Iranian lawmakers slam Washington’s ban of drugs importThe US Treasury has time and again claimed that these data-x-items are exempt from the sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Drug and medical supply companies in Iran are now saying that the new sanctions have affected their work.

Iran makes many of its needed drugs inside the country through pharmaceutical research, but treatments for cancer or rare diseases and transplants often rely on imports.

Iranians’ access to medicine and their right to health is being threatened, and may deteriorate if the situation does not change.

After sanctioning eighteen Iranian banks as part of its maximum pressure policy, in its latest move the US government sanctioned Iran’s oil minister, oil industry and related companies.

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