US missile test proved Washington’s anti-Russia sentiment: FM spox

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Publish Date: 13:22 - 20 November 2020
Friday, 20 November 2020_The Russian Foreign Ministry says the United States has lied to the international community as its recent missile tests proved the “falsity” of Washington’s statements that American air defense systems would not target Russia.

US missile test proved Washington’s anti-Russia sentiment: FM spoxMaria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the ministry, made the comment on Thursday, two days after the US military — as part of an advanced intercontinental interception test — downed for the first time an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a missile fired from a warship.

"We have seen the report of the Missile Defense Agency with the US military about the tests held in the Pacific Ocean on November 17, the task was to launch off sea a Standard Missile-3 of 2A modification at a target that simulated an intercontinental ballistic missile,” Zakharova told a briefing in Moscow.

“This is a new proof of dangerous and destabilizing policy of Washington on air defense, its clear anti-Russian sentiment," she added.

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