Jewish MP: Israel’s “Worn-Out” Plot against Iran Fruitless

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Publish Date: 9:19 - 08 August 2021
Sunday, 8 August 2021 (YJC)_Representative of the Iranian Jewish community at the parliament Siamak Mareh Sedq reminded Israel’s false-flag operations and its record of forging documents to blame others in different incidents, stressing that such plots will not work against Iran.

Jewish MP: Israel’s “Worn-Out” Plot against Iran Fruitless“The Zionists’ bid to display themselves as victims to raise allegations against others, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a worn-out project and will not yield results,” Mareh Sedq told FNA on Saturday.

"Of course, the Zionists are committing self-harm to achieve their goals, and the attack against the ship in the region could have been done or provoked by them," he added.

“The US and the Zionist regime and their allies should know that if they endanger and threaten Iran's interests, they will receive a crushing response beyond their imagination," Mareh Sedq warned.

He added that the fate of Saddam who imposed the 8-year-long war against Iran in 1980s is the best lesson for everyone, saying that the aggressors against Iran might be the starter of a war but it is Iran which decides about the scale and volume of response and the end.

In relevant remarks earlier today, Iranian Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi dismissed Tel Aviv’s “forged” documents claiming Iran’s attack against an Israeli ship, saying that Tehran has always pursued the policy of strengthening security in the Persian Gulf.

“The strategy of the US, Britain and Israel is to create insecurity, specially when the Saudi media join them, they intensify Iranophobia; this is while Iran's strategy is to strengthen security in the Persian Gulf,” General Shekarchi said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday.

"If we want to confront the enemies, we will not let the battle scene be around us. The enemies have started this media war concurrently with the inauguration of the Iranian president, and today they are after forging document; this is why the Americans today claimed that they have pulled parts of Iranian drones out of the water; they consider this as a document, but in which laboratory the alleged parts have been proved to belong to Iran?”

"The Americans are fabricating stories to accuse Iran, and this is due to their dissatisfaction with the integrity and uniformity of the Islamic Republic; therefore, they chose such a solution to put pressure on Iran,” he added.

General Shekarchi said that Iran does not expect anything from the enemies except enmity, adding, “The US has not sought interaction; they have always sought to overthrow the Iranian government, and as long as the Zionist regime casts its shadow over the Americans, their approach towards Iran will not change.”

“If we are going to confront the enemies, we declare it openly, like what we did in Ein al-Assad (the US base in Iraq attacked by the IRGC after assassination of General Soleimani); therefore, the recent fabrication of stories by the enemies is in the direction of psychological operations, and this is due to their fear of integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

“Of course, preparing a forged document is not a difficult task because the Zionists have a long history of preparing fake documents, and even making an explosion on a ship is not a difficult job,” General Shekarchi said.

Tensions have simmered in the region after a suspected drone attack last week on an Israeli-managed tanker off the Omani coast killed two crew members and was blamed on Iran by the US, Israel and Britain, without any evidence.

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