‘Baku weapon deals with Tel-Aviv result of Western sanctions’

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Publish Date: 19:06 - 17 October 2014
Baku, YJC. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev briefs Iranian reporters in Baku.

Hajiyev who was speaking to Iranian reporters in Baku on Thursday pointed to points of similarity between Iran and Azerbaijan, adding "There are many values ​​that bring Iran and Azerbaijan close together. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Iranians proved to be our friends and brothers showed their support for the country.”

The Azerbaijani diplomat continued in response to questions from reporters about the nature of his country’s relations with the Zionist regime and said "Relations between Israel and Azerbaijan's political, economic, military sections are not a secret. Azerbaijan purchases Israeli arms to strengthen its defense. We have territories occupied by Armenia, which may sustain their action, and we have to strengthen our military power.”

Hajiyev added that Iran is familiar with the issue of invasion from the days of Saddam Hussein. At that time European countries would not sell arms to Iran. Unfortunately, we are at a similar situation now and cannot buy weapons from the West, which defines the nature of our relations with Israel in the military field.”

Iran occupies special place in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy

In response to a question regarding the odds that an Israeli drone_ downed by Iran a while ago_ could have been flown from Azerbaijan he said "The reports were published by some Italian or French media, but I believe that those who contribute to the story want disagreement to grow.”

"It is a pity that some media say that Azerbaijan is planning to allow a third country to use its land to attack that country. First and foremost the Azerbaijani government, and secondly the people of the country will not allow such a thing. Such reports are mere dreams and hallucination.”

Iran is by itself capable of destroying enemies’ drones and that is something we have to say "mashallah” [Arabic expression of praise] about, he maintained.

The diplomat further stated "We are happy that Iran recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. I see the two country’s future relations as the best of the best.”

Providing comments on the issue of Palestine as questioned by a reporter he said "We have had a clear view on Middle East issues, Palestine included. The lands occupied after 1967 have to be returned to Palestinians and a Palestinian country has to be established with Jerusalem as capital.”

He also pointed to his country’s membership in international Islamic organizations and said "In these organizations, we have stressed our clear positions and we believe that the occupied lands have to be given back to Palestinians.”

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