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Publish Date: 9:43 - 18 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Iranian high-ranking delegation in human rights has written a letter of refutation in six parts in which it denies recent allegations by UN Human Rights rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed.

In the first paragraph, the letter initially points to the basis on which the UN Human Rights Council was founded as to cope with double standards in managing human rights affairs throughout the world. It then considers Ahmed Shaheed’s report as an act in contrast to the basis and an instance of retraction from it.

In the second paragraph the authors assert that the reporter has been suggested and selected with the support of the US and European countries and that right from the beginning he has started a series of campaigns against Iran, moving away from his obligation to remain unbiased.

The letter then states that the reporting has not been formed based on sound methodology, Ahmed Shaheed building his report on myriads of ill-documented material that abound on the cyber space.

Followingly, it is stated that the reporter has very systematically defended terrorist groups as supporters of human rights.

Further, the authors have said that the reporter has biasedly taken Western lifestyle as the global standard, neglecting cultural differences and therefore falsely accusing Iran of restricting rights of its citizens.

Finally, the report states that the reporter has forgotten to count for numerous instances of developments in Iran, including scientific findings and high education for women.

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