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Publish Date: 13:58 - 17 January 2017
Saudi Arabia and US military aggression to Yemen would be Saudi Arabia’s division

Yemen’s crisis is one of the oldest and moste complicated and most dynamic ones in the Middle East region that is rooted in sectorian conflicts.

Created out of the Shia-Suni conflict supported by Saudi Arabia, the crisis tunrned into an international one in 2016 with air-strikes under a Saudi-led coalition.

After nearly 2 yeras of Saudi’s military invasion to Yemen, a qustion may pop up in our minds that what has made Saudi Arabia to react to Yemeni crisis more decisively than to other country in the region. Blow are some hints which help us analyze the situation:

1)    It is the first time Saudi Arabia and its allies immediatly involve in a great battlefield.
2)    After Malek Abdullah’s death and the weakness of the new rulers and their regional defeats, being engaged in such an intens and vast battle is not strategically justifieable. Further, it seems a hasty act against Ansarullah militants who fight with full faith.
3)    Saudi Arabia’s hasty action might be due to its oil supplies being at stake, the Yemeni-Saudi Shia convergence, and Yemeni forces’ dominance on Bab ul-Mandab.
4)    US green light to Saudi Arabia invasion through information support, US tendency to undermine Saudi Arabia, and the probability of US direct intervention in the conflict in case of Saudi Arabia’ defeat,  are differnt senarios of US involvement in the crisis.
5)    Ansarullah and other Yemeni fighters heaviely hate Saudi Arabia and its partners in the region. Such a hatred would legitimze Yemenies’ fight agianst Saudi Arabia and facilitate it.
6)    Surely, Ansarullah and other Yemeni fighters have predicted such situations beforehand. Additionally, with the Yemen’s Army logestic supports to Ansarullah militants, the situation will not be to Saudi Arabia’s benefit.

It should be acknowledged that Saudi Arabia’s hasty action has trapped them in a quagmire from which escape is imposible and in which  the Arabic reactionary regim is sinking constantly. Some analysts believ that the end of Saudi Arabia and US military aggression to Yemen would be Saudi Arabia’s division.  

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