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Publish Date: 9:50 - 03 April 2017
TEHRAN, April 3, YJC- Supporters of US President Donald Trump are not that intelligent as they voted against their “own interests,” says a political commentator.
TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC)- Don DeBar told Press TV on Sunday that a Washington Post report regarding wealth within the Trump administration is not a "shocker,” given the fact that "the United States is a plutocracy.”

According to the American daily newspaper, households in 86 percent of entire counties that voted for Trump last year earn less income annually than the combined worth of 27 staffers who work for the administration

Financial reports released by the White House indicate that the staffers are worth a combined $2.3 billion in properties, investments and huge salaries.

"Here’s one way to look at it: Consider the amount of money earned in any county in the country in a year — the number of households in each county times the average household income in the county. In 80 percent of the counties in America, every household combined earns less than $2.3 billion per year,” The Post explained in its report.

According to DeBar, the figures "shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone,” as the revelation is "merely a marker of one facet of this multi-faceted diamond of plutocracy” within generations in the human history.

Based on 2011 to 2015 estimates from the US Census Bureau, the average annual income in the aforementioned counties stood at a slightly lower figure at $2.1 billion.
"You people that voted for Trump are stupid and voted against your own interests,” complained the New York-based analyst, further asserting that the same is true for supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (pictured above), who was defeated by Trump in the November 2016 vote.

He also stated that plutocracy in Washington is part of a bigger pattern repeating throughout the world in human history.

"There is a very small class of very wealthy people that have been in control of the United States, Western Europe and much of the rest of the world for decades,” he said.

The wealth of these people originates from "land in the Western hemisphere and elsewhere around the world and the enslavement of people for their labor,” DeBar noted.

"That wealth has been handed from one generation to another without being appropriated by the people in almost anywhere in the world with the exception of perhaps Haiti, Cuba and a few other places.”
(Press TV).

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