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Tags - ayatollah khamenei
Sunday,31 July 2022 (YJC)_ Iranian Supreme Leader urged authorities to adopt all the necessary measures regarding floods across the country.
News ID: 57260    Publish Date : 2022/07/31

Thursday, 2 June 2022 (YJC)_ The Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces announced: Iran's deterrent power is the result of the foresight of the late Imam and the thoughts of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
News ID: 57153    Publish Date : 2022/06/02

Tuesday, 31 May 2022 (YJC)_ Iran’s Supreme Leader said his country is concerned about the situation in Afghanistan and the spread of terrorism in there.
News ID: 57136    Publish Date : 2022/05/31

Thursday, 26 May 2022 (YJC)_ Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei hailed the religious democracy of Iran as a new model that has ruined the hegemony’s schedule, saying that’s why the Islamic Republic is dealing with constant challenges with world powers.
News ID: 57068    Publish Date : 2022/05/26

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 (YJC)_Iranian Supreme Leader put emphasis on the need for increasing population.
News ID: 56988    Publish Date : 2022/05/18

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 (YJC)_ The Leader of the Islamic Revolution put emphasis on the importance of young generation growing up with Islamic-Iranian identity.
News ID: 56906    Publish Date : 2022/05/11

Monday, 9 May 2022 (YJC)_Iranian Supreme Leader urged all people across the country to assist President Raeisi's administration to advance its economic plans.
News ID: 56875    Publish Date : 2022/05/09

Thursday, 28 April 2022 (YJC)_ The Leader of the Islamic Revolution will deliver a televised speech on International Quds Day.
News ID: 56748    Publish Date : 2022/04/28

Tuesday, 26 April 2022 (YJC)_ Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei met with a group of university students.
News ID: 56718    Publish Date : 2022/04/26

Saturday, 23 April 2022 (YJC)_ Leader of the Islamic Revolution wrote a message of condolences to the families of the martyrs of the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.
News ID: 56683    Publish Date : 2022/04/23

News ID: 56328    Publish Date : 2022/03/21

Saturday, 12 March 2022 (YJC)_Iranian Supreme Leader wrote a letter in which urged students to differentiate between right and wrong fronts and support right front.
News ID: 56254    Publish Date : 2022/03/12

Wednesday, 2 March 2022 (YJC)_ The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pardoned the sentences of a number of convicts on the occasion of Eid al-Mab’ath.
News ID: 56120    Publish Date : 2022/03/02

Thursday, 17 February 2022 (YJC)_ Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Azerbaijan has gone through various events and from three to four centuries ago, it was the promoter of national unity and national resistance."
News ID: 55915    Publish Date : 2022/02/17

Wednesday, 16 February 2022 (YJC)_Iranian leader will deliver a speech on the occasion of Tabriz uprising against the Pahlavi regime.
News ID: 55903    Publish Date : 2022/02/16

Saturday, 12 February 2022 (YJC)_Iranian Supreme Leader pardoned over 3,000 prisoners on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.
News ID: 55854    Publish Date : 2022/02/12

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 (YJC)_Iranian Supreme leader criticized Joe Biden and Donald Trump and said they have ruined the US’ reputation with their actions.
News ID: 55799    Publish Date : 2022/02/08

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 (YJC)_ The commander of the IRGC Air Force said: "Today, if we have any progress, it is because of the implementation of the views and perspectives of the late Imam and the management of the Supreme Leader."
News ID: 55791    Publish Date : 2022/02/08

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 (YJC)_ Commanders and staff of the Army Air Force and Air Defense met with Ayatollah Khamenei.
News ID: 55790    Publish Date : 2022/02/08

Monday, 7 February 2022 (YJC)_ The head of the personal medical team of the Leader announced that Iranian Supreme leader received his third dose of vaccine.
News ID: 55789    Publish Date : 2022/02/07