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TEHRAN, Jun 28 - American special envoy for Iran Brian Hook has said the United States will sanction any country that imports oil from the Islamic Republic and there are no exemptions in this regard.
News ID: 41294    Publish Date : 2019/06/28

TEHRAN, Jun 28 - Yemenis have taken to the streets of the northern city of Sa’ada to protest against the Saudi-led war on their country and to condemn the United States’ support for the aggression.
News ID: 41293    Publish Date : 2019/06/28

TEHRAN, Jun 27 -Forces allied to Libya's internationally-recognized government on Wednesday seized the town of Gharyan south of Tripoli, home to the main supply base of eastern forces attacking the capital, witnesses and Tripoli officials said.
News ID: 41274    Publish Date : 2019/06/27

TEHRAN, Jun 27 -Saudi Arabia and Israel are using their influence on the administration of US President Donald Trump to force Washington into launching a war against Iran, says American analyst Mark Dankof.
News ID: 41273    Publish Date : 2019/06/27

TEHRAN, Jun 27 - Ten Democratic presidential candidates in the US have debated onstage for the first time, as they fight to win in the 2020 presidential election and deny President Donald Trump a second term in office.
News ID: 41271    Publish Date : 2019/06/27

TEHRAN, Jun 27 - The Iranian government has cleared a last hurdle to its bid to launch a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a major regional organization which could help Tehran increase its revenues from non-oil export at the time of increased US sanctions.
News ID: 41268    Publish Date : 2019/06/27

TEHRAN, Jun 26 - The seemingly endless Brexit debate has re-energised the quest for Scottish independence to the extent that many Scottish activists and political analysts believe that a second Scottish independence referendum may be just around the corner.
News ID: 41213    Publish Date : 2019/06/26

TEHRAN, Jun 25 -A top leader of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has censured a US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, saying Palestine is neither for sale nor for deals and conferences that seek to consecrate the expropriation of occupied lands.
News ID: 41175    Publish Date : 2019/06/25

TEHRAN, Jun 25 - Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has played down accusations of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, saying there are “individual incidents,” which can be compared to the growing number of knife crimes in the United Kingdom.
News ID: 41171    Publish Date : 2019/06/25

TEHRAN, Jun 24 - Iranian authorities say sanctions on the country’s oil industry has caused a boom in the refining sector as the capacity for turning crude into others products has increased by nearly 40 percent in the past two years.
News ID: 41109    Publish Date : 2019/06/24

TEHRAN, Jun 24 - Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says a request by the British Middle East minister to delay the implementation of Europeans' non-dollar mechanism for trade with Iran shows their lack of genuine determination to abide by their commitments as per a 2015 nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.
News ID: 41107    Publish Date : 2019/06/24

TEHRAN, Jun 23 - US National Security Adviser John Bolton, a known Iran hawk, the last minute decision by his country to scrap planned strikes on Iran was a sign of prudence rather than weakness.US National Security Adviser John Bolton, a known Iran hawk, the last minute decision by his country to scrap planned strikes on Iran was a sign of prudence rather than weakness.
News ID: 41057    Publish Date : 2019/06/23

TEHRAN, Jun 23 -A group of Israeli settlers escorted by troops has razed agricultural property on and confiscated a large plot of private Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.
News ID: 41056    Publish Date : 2019/06/23

TEHRAN, Jun 23 -The recent suspicious attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf have touched off a flurry of speculation in the international media as to the identity and motives of the saboteurs.
News ID: 41054    Publish Date : 2019/06/23

TEHRAN, Jun 23 -As the race to select the next leader of the conservative party– and by extension Britain’s next Prime Minister – reaches its final stages, it is worthwhile examining the system’s weaknesses if only to underline the superficial nature of British democracy.
News ID: 41053    Publish Date : 2019/06/23

TEHRAN, Jun 22 - US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has emphasized any US military action against Iran required Congressional approval.
News ID: 40999    Publish Date : 2019/06/22

TEHRAN, Jun 22 - Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have intercepted and targeted an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Saudi-led military coalition as it was flying in the skies over the country’s northwestern province of Hajjah.
News ID: 40997    Publish Date : 2019/06/22

TEHRAN, Jun 22 - Iran says it will not allow any incursions by the United States into its borders regardless of the response that may come from Washington.
News ID: 40993    Publish Date : 2019/06/22

TEHRAN, Jun 21 -Russia has signaled its willingness to secure Iran's interests in the oil and banking sectors if Europe's non-dollar mechanism aimed at facilitating trade with the Islamic Republic is not launched.
News ID: 40958    Publish Date : 2019/06/21

TEHRAN, Jun 21 - The head of Georgia's parliament has quit Friday after more than 240 people were injured in a police crackdown on mass protests, which erupted over an address to lawmakers by a Russian MP.
News ID: 40956    Publish Date : 2019/06/21