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TEHRAN, Nov 14_ Political activist and Islamic parties released a statement at the 33rd annual Islamic unity conference.
News ID: 44227    Publish Date : 2019/11/15

TEHRAN, Apr 26 - Russia’s military intelligence chief says such terrorist groups as al-Qaeda and Daesh are establishing a foothold in Latin America to recruit members for their activities in the Middle East and North Africa, where they have been mainly based.
News ID: 38481    Publish Date : 2019/04/26

TEHRAN, June 06 - Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament condemned demands for Iran and Hezbollah leaving Syria.
News ID: 23972    Publish Date : 2018/06/06

TEHRAN, May 28 - Militants linked with the terrorist group Islamic State are feeling increasingly comfortable in a refugee camp located near a US military base in southern Syria, the Russian foreign minister said.
News ID: 23514    Publish Date : 2018/05/28

TEHRAN, May 21 - The Syrian army has declared Damascus and its surrounds fully secure after regaining control of a former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in the southern part of the city.
News ID: 23200    Publish Date : 2018/05/21

TEHRAN, May 17 - Turkish security forces arrested nine suspected terrorist Daesh members in southern Turkey on Thursday, according to a police source.
News ID: 23071    Publish Date : 2018/05/17

TEHRAN, May 10 - The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has unsurprisingly been very critical of the German federal government’s proposals to assist refugees, as part of the country’s family reunification program.
News ID: 22765    Publish Date : 2018/05/10

TEHRAN, May 7 - The Daesh terrorist group has claimed they have conducted an assassination of one of the Iraqi election candidates, AFP reported.
News ID: 22564    Publish Date : 2018/05/07

TEHRAN, May 6 - The Iraqi air force attacked Daesh targets earlier in the day, hitting the positions of terrorists' commanders in Syrai to the south of the town of Deshaisha.
News ID: 22534    Publish Date : 2018/05/06

TEHRAN, March 29 - The Pentagon has admitted that 14 civilians were killed since last year by the coalition fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria and Iraq. This brings the official number of civilians killed to 855.
News ID: 21049    Publish Date : 2018/03/29

TEHRAN, February 27 - The Japanese government will contribute more than $5 million in aid to UNICEF to help rebuild schools damaged by the 3-year-long ISIS conflict.
News ID: 19932    Publish Date : 2018/02/27

TEHRAN, February 11 - One in four Iraqi children are in poverty and four million are in need of assistance as a result of the country’s war with ISIS militants, the United Nation’s children agency said on Sunday.
News ID: 19183    Publish Date : 2018/02/11

TEHRAN, November 14 -Women and children who managed to escape Islamic State shared with RT the harrowing stories of what they lived through, shedding light on the “caliphate’s” rules, imprisonment and the losses they endured.
News ID: 15745    Publish Date : 2017/11/14

TEHRAN, November 7 -A British woman who was married to the highest-ranking American in the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) revealed how racism in the UK radicalized her. Tania Georgelas said her years as a teenager in Harrow, northwest London, spurred her to become a jihadist.
News ID: 15360    Publish Date : 2017/11/07

TEHRAN, November 3 -The Syrian army says it has liberated the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, the terrorists’ last stronghold on the west bank of the Euphrates River, from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), SANA news agency reported.
News ID: 15124    Publish Date : 2017/11/03

TEHRAN, October 25-The area controlled by Islamic State in Syria has been reduced to less than 5 percent, the Russian Defense Ministry said, but human rights groups remain concerned about the “dire humanitarian situation” in Raqqa, captured from jihadists by US-backed militias.
News ID: 14680    Publish Date : 2017/10/25

TEHRAN, October 6 - The 100km area around the US Al-Tanf base near the Syrian-Jordanian border has become a “black hole” which ISIS terrorists use to carry out attacks against Syrian troops and civilians, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
News ID: 13742    Publish Date : 2017/10/06

TEHRAN, October 5 -The leftovers of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could try to form a new terrorist network after its eventual defeat in the Middle East, Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Aleksandr Bortnikov warns.
News ID: 13713    Publish Date : 2017/10/05

TEHRAN, October 5 -A series of recent Islamic State attacks against Syrian forces used sophisticated intelligence and originated from a US-controlled area near al-Tanf on the Syria-Jordan border, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.
News ID: 13706    Publish Date : 2017/10/05

TEHRAN, September 30 - The Russian Ministry of Defense has issued a scathing rebuke to a claim by UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon that Britain has made a “major contribution” to “crippling” Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.
News ID: 13469    Publish Date : 2017/09/30