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Friday, 6 May 2022 (YJC)_ Britain's ruling party has suffered heavy defeats in local elections in various parts of the capital that it has controlled for decades.
News ID: 56835    Publish Date : 2022/05/06

Friday, 29 April 2022 (YJC)_ Hours after the Hebrew media reported that he had sent a second threatening message to the Israeli prime minister , he also received a third threatening message.
News ID: 56758    Publish Date : 2022/04/29

Sunday, 24 April 2022 (YJC)_ An Iraqi source said the Iraqi prime minister had attended a recent meeting of Iranian-Saudi negotiating delegations in Baghdad.
News ID: 56689    Publish Date : 2022/04/24

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 (YJC)_ The cabinet of Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was sworn in today at the inauguration ceremony in Ivan Sadr.
News ID: 56637    Publish Date : 2022/04/19

Tuesday, 12 April 2022 (YJC)_ The Saudi ambassador, who recently returned to Beirut, met with the Lebanese prime minister .
News ID: 56538    Publish Date : 2022/04/12

Sunday, 10 April 2022 (YJC)_ Pakistani lawmakers voted no confidence in the prime minister and fired him.
News ID: 56510    Publish Date : 2022/04/10

Tuesday, 5 April 2022 (YJC)_ In response to a letter from the President, the Pakistani Prime Minister nominated Golzar Ahmad, the former Chief Justice of Pakistan, for the post of caretaker Prime Minister.
News ID: 56459    Publish Date : 2022/04/05

Monday, 4 April 2022 (YJC)_ According to a statement from the Pakistani presidential administration, Imran Khan will continue to serve as caretaker Prime Minister until his appointment as caretaker Prime Minister.
News ID: 56453    Publish Date : 2022/04/04

Monday, 28 March 2022 (YJC)_ The Office of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime announced that the Naftali Bennett corona test was positive.
News ID: 56390    Publish Date : 2022/03/28

Saturday, 19 February 2022 (YJC)_ The Prime Minister of the Yemeni National Salvation Government said that the UN bargaining with Sanaa over humanitarian issues is not justified.
News ID: 55942    Publish Date : 2022/02/19

Friday, 28 January 2022 (YJC)_ The head of the Al-Fatah coalition in Iraq criticized the stubbornness of some of the leaders of these parties, without mentioning any party or current, stating that the disagreement over the election of the prime minister could lead to a stalemate in the country.
News ID: 55650    Publish Date : 2022/01/28

Friday, 7 January 2022 (YJC)_ The British Prime Minister has been accused of corruption after it was revealed that he had asked a conservative donor for funding to renovate his apartment.
News ID: 55373    Publish Date : 2022/01/07

Monday, 3 January 2022 (YJC)_ Haitian media reported on the failed attempt of unknown individuals to assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Henry during the celebration of the 278th anniversary of Haiti's independence.
News ID: 55328    Publish Date : 2022/01/03

Thursday, 30 December 2021 (YJC)_ A former employee of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office revealed that "Benjamin Netanyahu" had destroyed documents after the Hebrew-language sources reported that some documents had been destroyed.
News ID: 55269    Publish Date : 2021/12/30

Saturday, 18 December 2021 (YJC)_ The former prime minister was quarantined for dealing with a person infected with the corona virus, Israeli media reported.
News ID: 55095    Publish Date : 2021/12/18

Friday, 17 December 2021 (YJC)_ The former Prime Minister of Malaysia has been hospitalized and is scheduled to undergo medical examinations and check-ups.
News ID: 55086    Publish Date : 2021/12/17

Friday, 26 November 2021 (YJC)_ The leader of the Sadr faction in Iraq has called for an investigation into the failed assassination of the Iraqi prime minister , and warned that he would disclose the investigation if it did not materialize.
News ID: 54734    Publish Date : 2021/11/26

Wednesday, 24 November 2021 (YJC)_ Newly-elected Swedish Prime Minister resigned just hours after she was appointed.
News ID: 54707    Publish Date : 2021/11/24

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 (YJC)_ News sources report that the French Prime Minister has contracted the Corona virus.
News ID: 54672    Publish Date : 2021/11/23

Sunday, 21 November 2021 (YJC)_ Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafaev is heading a delegation to Iran today.
News ID: 54635    Publish Date : 2021/11/21