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Tuesday, 9 November 2021 (YJC)_ Following the anti-Iranian stance of the Colombian Minister of Defense during his visit to the occupied territories, the President of this country emphasized on maintaining Bogota's diplomatic relations with Tehran.
News ID: 54428    Publish Date : 2021/11/09

Thursday, 29 April 2021 (YJC)_The ministry announced eight Venezuelan soldiers killed in clashes on Colombian border.
News ID: 51578    Publish Date : 2021/04/29

Monday, 05 April 2021_Venezuela has announced it will request “immediate emergency help” from the United Nations to clear mines planted along the border with neighboring Colombia by armed militant groups.
News ID: 51250    Publish Date : 2021/04/05

Saturday, 27 February 2021_Colombia on Friday (February 26) launched a new military unit to target coca crops and cocaine production, illicit mining, and the illegal armed groups who use such activities for financial gain.
News ID: 50784    Publish Date : 2021/02/27

Saturday, 29 August 2020_A recent spate of mass killings in Colombia will not be stopped by the presence of the armed forces alone, a high-ranking security official said this week, emphasizing that social investment is key to ending violence.
News ID: 47636    Publish Date : 2020/08/29

Tehran 20 February _Anti-abortion protesters gather in Bogota to demonstrate against an expected debate in the country's top court that would allow abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.
News ID: 45229    Publish Date : 2020/02/20

TEHRAN, Nov 26_People in Colombia have flocked to the streets in the country’s capital of Bogota for the fifth consecutive day of anti-government protests.
News ID: 44329    Publish Date : 2019/11/26

TEHRAN, Nov 24_Anti-government protesters in Colombia have once again taken to the streets, violently clashing with security forces, even as President Ivan Duque calls for dialog.
News ID: 44307    Publish Date : 2019/11/24

TEHRAN, Nov 23_Organisers of Thursday's strike that brought out indigenous groups, students, labour unions call for a repeat on Monday.
News ID: 44285    Publish Date : 2019/11/23

TEHRAN, Sept 11 -Venezuela has launched extended military drills along the border with Colombia in an effort to prepare for any foreign invasion, amid rising tensions between Caracas and Bogota.
News ID: 43627    Publish Date : 2019/09/11

TEHRAN, Sept 04 -Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has put the military forces on high alert across the border with Colombia, in a move to counter a possible “threat of aggression” against his country.
News ID: 43525    Publish Date : 2019/09/04

TEHRAN, August 14 - Sometimes, trees fall down on their own, but deforestation is fueled by human activities. In Colombia, those activities sometimes involve coca, the crop from which cocaine is derived.
News ID: 43034    Publish Date : 2019/08/14

TEHRAN, Jul 27 - Massive crowds of Colombians gathered on Friday condemning murder of hundreds of human rights activists.
News ID: 42438    Publish Date : 2019/07/27

TEHRAN, Jul 14 - Maria del Pilar Hurtado's son screamed in anguish at the sight of his mother's dead body on a dirt road in the poor community in northern Colombia the family called home.
News ID: 41965    Publish Date : 2019/07/14

TEHRAN, Jul 3 - Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he regrets the "polarization and division" in Colombia over elements of the 2016 peace deal and is calling on the government to ensure that any changes to the accord respect commitments made to rebels who laid down their arms.
News ID: 41494    Publish Date : 2019/07/03

TEHRAN, Jun 16 - A Colombian town is hoping to brew up two world records on Saturday, one for the world's largest cup of coffee and the second for the largest coffee tasting.
News ID: 40748    Publish Date : 2019/06/16

TEHRAN, Jun 6 - The head of Colombia's army was promoted Wednesday amid an outcry over an order he issued that has stirred fears of a return to serious human rights violations.
News ID: 40453    Publish Date : 2019/06/06

TEHRAN, May 31 - A former FARC guerrilla leader was freed Thursday on orders of the Colombian Supreme Court, drawing an expression of regret from the United States, which wanted him for alleged drug trafficking.
News ID: 40123    Publish Date : 2019/05/31

TEHRAN, May 24 - In a small farmhouse surrounded by cloud forest, Iván Lozano inspects dozens of glass containers that hold some of the world's most coveted frogs.
News ID: 39792    Publish Date : 2019/05/24

TEHRAN, May 05 - One of Colombia's most-prominent grassroots activists and winner of a prestigious international environmental prize has been attacked at a meeting with community leaders.
News ID: 38872    Publish Date : 2019/05/05