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TEHRAN, April 25, YJC -At least five Iraqi Kurdish Pershmerga fighters have reportedly been killed as Turkey resumes air raids on Kurdish positions in northern Iraq and in northeastern Syria.
News ID: 9180    Publish Date : 2017/04/25

Saudi Arabia is playing politics with oil, forcing Opec to maintain its current production levels at 30m barrels per day, to force down the price.
News ID: 5649    Publish Date : 2014/12/03

The onslaught by Sunni Arab militants in northern Iraq has prompted the country's Kurds to deploy the famed peshmerga security forces in defence of their autonomous region.
News ID: 4495    Publish Date : 2014/06/28

The Kurdish people have a right to self-determination and statehood, but this will not be accomplished through violence, Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani said.
News ID: 2388    Publish Date : 2013/10/13