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Friday, 11 March 2022 (YJC)_ Reuters reveals that the parent company, Facebook and Instagram, has allowed users not to block messages and requests for violence against Russian citizens and soldiers.
News ID: 56240    Publish Date : 2022/03/11

Friday, 7 January 2022 (YJC)_ France has fined Facebook and Google a total of more than $ 236 million for violating French law.
News ID: 55370    Publish Date : 2022/01/07

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 (YJC)_ Facebook has claimed to have deleted a set of accounts linked to the Iranian government.
News ID: 53936    Publish Date : 2021/10/12

Wednesday ,7 July 2021 (YJC) _ Former US President is expected to announce a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google.
News ID: 52212    Publish Date : 2021/07/07

Thursday, 06 May 2021 _A US Republican lawmaker has accused Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg of openly supporting human smugglers, fueling false hope among migrants, who are trying to cross the southern US border.
News ID: 51709    Publish Date : 2021/05/06

Thursday, 06 May 2021_Facebook’s oversight board has suspended the social network’s ban of former US President Donald Trump, stressing that the company should make a final decision in six months.
News ID: 51697    Publish Date : 2021/05/06

Wednesday, 05 May 2021(YJC)_ Trump Slams 'Corrupt Social Media Companies', Says They Must Pay 'Political Price'.
News ID: 51691    Publish Date : 2021/05/05

Friday, 09 April 2021_Civil rights group Muslim Advocates has sued Facebook Inc. and its top executives for routinely lying that the company removes content which violated its rules.
News ID: 51305    Publish Date : 2021/04/09

Tuesday, 06 April 2021 _Four US lawmakers have suggested that it is not a good idea for Facebook to launch Instagram for kids.
News ID: 51254    Publish Date : 2021/04/06

Friday, 02 April 2021_The US Supreme Court on Thursday made it easier for businesses to pester consumers with phone calls or text messages by tossing out a lawsuit accusing Facebook Inc. of violating a federal anti-robocall law.
News ID: 51200    Publish Date : 2021/04/02

Tuesday, 30 March 2021_With the banning of former US President Donald Trump having expanded the ongoing conversation on social media censorship, very little is yet to be done on the issue and even if you think you are safe now, you may not be tomorrow.
News ID: 51181    Publish Date : 2021/03/30

Thursday, 07 January 2021 (YJC)_ Facebook CEO announced the social media platform would be extending a block on the US President.
News ID: 50107    Publish Date : 2021/01/07

Sunday, 20 December 2020_A teenage boy stepped in to save his mother from an attack by her husband, only to end up being fatally stabbed by the man, authorities said.
News ID: 49849    Publish Date : 2020/12/20

Wednesday, 16 December 2020_Social media giant Facebook says it is lifting a ban for political ads only for the state of Georgia, which is bracing for an upcoming run-0ff election.
News ID: 49789    Publish Date : 2020/12/16

Saturday, 17 October 2020 (YJC)_Chris Wallace said Friday he's got a "real problem" with this week's decision by Facebook and Twitter to limit users from sharing a controversial New York Post article on Hunter Biden.
News ID: 48687    Publish Date : 2020/10/17

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 _Australian Facebook users may soon find themselves unable to share news, the social media giant has warned, citing a new law which has pitted Big Tech firms against major media outlets demanding a cut of their revenue.
News ID: 47670    Publish Date : 2020/09/01

Wednesday, 26 August 2020_It was a massacre that shook a country to its core; 19 minutes of absolute terror on march 15 2019. Right-wing terrorist Brenton Tarrant opened fire at two mosques in Christ Church killing 51 people the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in New Zealand’s history.
News ID: 47607    Publish Date : 2020/08/26

Thursday, 20 August 2020_Facebook says it will restrict the right-wing conspiracy movement QAnon and will no longer recommend that users join groups supporting it, although the company isn't banning it outright.
News ID: 47521    Publish Date : 2020/08/20

Facebook says it has started to label Iran's Press TV, Russia's Sputnik, and China's Xinhua News Agency as “state-media”, adding it will later block them from running advertisements in the United States.
News ID: 46398    Publish Date : 2020/06/06

Tehran 17 January_US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has attacked “shameful” tech giant Facebook, accusing it of abusing technology to mislead users.
News ID: 44846    Publish Date : 2020/01/17