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Tags - discovery
Saturday, 14 November 2020 (YJC) _ Egypt discovers 2,500-year-old tomb containing at least 100 mummies.
News ID: 49252    Publish Date : 2020/11/14

TEHRAN, Feb 05 - A herbivorous dinosaur that fended off predators with a row of spines running along its back and lived 140 million years ago has been found in Argentine Patagonia.
News ID: 35070    Publish Date : 2019/02/05

TEHRAN, December 15 - Egypt has announced the discovery of a private tomb belonging to a senior official from the 5th dynasty of the pharaohs, which ruled roughly 4,400 years ago.
News ID: 32872    Publish Date : 2018/12/15

TEHRAN, November 25 - Egypt on Saturday unveiled an ancient tomb, sarcophagi and funerary artifacts discovered in the Theban necropolis of Al-Assasif in the southern city of Luxor.
News ID: 31957    Publish Date : 2018/11/25

TEHRAN, November 5 -An Egyptian archaeologist overseeing a project to scan a pyramid for voids has criticized the announcement earlier of a discovery of a passenger plane-sized cavity in the Great Pyramid.
News ID: 15273    Publish Date : 2017/11/05