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Publish Date: 13:19 - 09 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. How relations with the US are going to be is a hot topic for presidential propaganda in Iran these days. Let us see what each candidate has to say.

- Abutorabi: Our key foreign policy issue is not relations with the US.

Mohammad Hassan Abutorabi believes relations with the US to be no big deal, rather "We must define our approach to foreign affairs based on scientific and ethical discourses and within our systemic and national interests.”

- Bahonar: We can have common interests with the US

Mohammadreza Bahonar believes that in case the US recognizes Iran as an independent country which works to defend its rights, the two countries can have interests on common ground. Meanwhile, he believes that the only country with no place within the Iranian outlook is Israel.

- Pourmohammadi: Talks with the US are no forbidden zone

Mostafa Pourmohammadi believes that although "the real enemy is the US”, as long as national interests are preserved, that is, "the US does not deceive, negotiations are not formalities, it recognizes our power, stops helping the subversive, stops helping the opposition and terrorists”, then "we could take advantage of them. So there is no much as a forbidden zone.”

- Haddal Adel: We do not fear talks with the US

Qolamali Haddad Adel believes that negotiations make sense only if the US changes its behavior.

- Rezaei: If US accepts real peace, Iran will change it behavior

Mohsen Rezaei says "Currently no sign of change is seen in US behavior. Our fight with the US is in fact to defend principles and values and there is a defensive aspect to it. But the US fights us to make us surrender. The US must accept human principles, peace, international peace, and the independence of other countries. If that happens, then Iran will change its behavior, too.”

- Rohani: We are not meant to be unfriendly to the US for good

Hassan Rohani believes that the current Iran-US relations are not in the two countries’ favor and that a change is needed. 

- Zakani: Call to talks with the US means call to slaughtering the country’s national interests before the Great Satan.

- Aref: We ban talks with no country.

Mohammadreza Aref also believes that as long as national interests are upheld, there is no limit to negotiations, except with Israel.

- Qalibaf: Disagreement with the US is of no intrinsic merit.

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says "Our foreign policy must focus on serious rivalry for gratifying national interests instead of one-sided insistence on disagreement or coalition. Disagreement with the US is of no intrinsic value as much as coalition and obeisance cannot materialize our interests.”

- Kavakebian: Relations with the US can be established within the first 6 months.

Rejecting opinions of keeping relations with the US closed, Kavakebian says that relations with the US must be established within national interests and guidelines of the Supreme Leader. He believes that although this will not turn Iran into a utopia overnight, it would at least prevent tough-headed rivalry and further sanctions.

- Lankarani:  Relations with the US are not expedient under current circumstances.

- Mottaki: Relations with the US are a national project.

Manouchehr Mottaki says that relations with the US must not be mixed with common party rivalry, but rather the issue must be regarded as a national project.

- Velayati: Talks with the US are no taboo.

Aliakbar Velayati says that the issue of relations with the US is no taboo, defining taboo as something in which only the irrational believe.

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